Vintage Retro Hairdresser Smoking Hot poster

Vintage Retro Hairdresser Smoking Hot poster 1

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Have eaten lunch there twice, but haven’t looked through all the antiques (yet). Once all our restrictions are lifted, am looking for another Woolworth’s lunch & antiquing! Our Mom used to take us into Salt Lake on the bus to shop and we would always have lunch at Woolworth’s, with a shake of course. Such great memories. I miss Woolworths. It was so much fun to go there. Where there was a little luncheonette, and the store! Oh, so great! I do wish the good old store would make a come back! Summertime in Houston meant getting on the bus with my friends, going downtown, having sandwiches at Woolworth’s or Kress’s, AND going to a movie. Anyone remember the name of that cafeteria downstairs on Main Street? ad one at our mall in mich called universal mall xo lunch counter was out in main isle of the mall xo loved to sit , eat & people watch on my lunch break xo great way to socialize xo miss those days xo.  I’m from Australia and we used to have a lunch area in the Coles store. When my mum was working in the city I would sometimes go there to get something to eat and drink. The staff were really friendly and you could buy burgers, fish, chips etc for a few dollars. Unfortunately the city shop was the only Coles that had a cafeteria and that closed down back in the 80s. I miss those times as you made friends from people you never knew. Those were the days. Now it’s all McDonald’s, KFC etc. Now it’s Target – but, without the wonderful counter for grilled cheese sandwiches, griddled burgers, tuna and/or chicken salad sandwiches( cut four ways) fried AND a chocolate or vanilla MALTS! There must be somewhere/someplace still making this great food! My first job was as a cashier at a Woolworth’s on 59th St in NYC across from Bloomingdales. And one of favorite treats as a kid was when my mom took me to a Woolworth’s in the Bronx for lunch of an egg salad sandwich and a chocolate malted (even better than a milk shake)!

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