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Anymore, seems all practices are susceptible to bad reviews, no matter how hard they try to please people. The reaction of many is to just impulsively slander for any tiny reason they feel butthurt. Reviews can even be practically anonymous. Weve had one star reviews from one letter names, and names that arent even found in our system with no desceiptions or explanations. So at the end of the day many should be taken with a grain of salt. so I asked the same question on another page and someone said it used to be that they would just do a bachelor’s degree (I think?) and the vet title was honourary. Just a fun fact. I was offended by this as I’m in vet school and I’ve already devoted my life to getting the Dr title, so I’d be upset if they presented me just as “Miss”. Aka maybe he isn’t actually credentialed as a Dr. (Although if he practices as one, I would think they would have allowed him to use that title?). I have been thru 4 surgeries in less than two both were supposed to be simple and without problems left knee surgery went down hill fast had to be in hospital long period of time then month later had to have second surgery on it then on home IV meds for six weeks but the Lord was there alway next was cataract surgery that left me unable to see I had a second partial corneal transplant in January. I have been praying everyday for the Lord to heal my eye and He is I can see big letters how and today I could see the ceiling fan blades as they were turning. Thru all this I have felt his peace and love. I am not afraid I know He will be here for me. It has always been a challenge having my husband pray with us as family.
But immediately we woke up this morning I was prompted to call the family for prayer and to my surprise, my husband was the first to go on his knees and we payed together and I was happy I listened.

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