VW In a world Where you can be anything be kind face mask

VW In a world Where you can be anything be kind face mask

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I don’t know where you live in MN but there are so many dog parks in the Mpls and suburbs area for dogs to run. Good luck to you! the thing I’m trying to do to help animals is open an indoor dog park/ adoption center. I thought it’d be a slam dunk since I live in MN. But the fundraising hasn’t taken off. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I’m just trying to build a place where dogs can exercise and not worry about the weather. So that’s what I’m trying to do to help animals. Eden prairie, Chanhassen area. I know there’s a new one in the cities but in the SW metro there isn’t. Chanhassen doesn’t even have an outdoor park. contact your city to see if there’s a possibility of a dog park being considered. Get your name on the park board mtg agenda for discussion of a dog park. It only takes one person to make changes. Good luck! I’ve already been approved by the city council. The problem is I’m a teacher and so all the funding needs to be from outside sources. And right now everyone is using their whole paycheck on tp and wipes. I used to work for the city of ???. There was always a fund avail for projects like yours. You have a big heart, keep trying! My only issue in fostering is having to take them back, or giving them away. No small thing. It’s why I cannot even volunteer, I get too sad. Want to save them all. By fostering, you are helping to save them all. For every animal in a home being fostered, it frees up space in a shelter for other animals. And fostering gives animals more individual attention so they can be adopted more easily. It helps ones with medical issues and with shyness among other things.

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