We’re the granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn poster

We're the granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn poster 1

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Dont falter from your decisions, you are on the right path, dont stray .. look out for No 1 first and you will be ok.. Im in Australia and we are doing a lot better than the US because we locked down early and we socially isolate.. our Government is helping us, they are doing a good job… good luck. Staying home is the best and wisest thing you can do ! Keep yourself and your family safe. We are so fortunate here in Australia ! Take care and thank you for sharing your reality. Other people’s ignorance is staggering. You are doing the right thing, for yourselves, your mum and the wider community in that you are helping to stop spread by being caring and sensible. From the UK it is very hard to understand much of the US response, especially the President’s – holding rallies without compulsory masks in areas of high infection rates. From over here it seems that many Americans ignore the science and feel they know better – either that or they just don’t care about possibly spreading it! Keep safe and stay strong. Congratulations on your efforts —just ignore unasked for, sometimes ignorant, comments.

It is so different here in Australia. My state in Victoria has had an increase in cases, but only about 20 per day and restrictions have back tracked and the army called to help with planning etc. 103 deaths for the whole country. Tough measures make a huge difference. We feel for people in the US. Tami you are doing the best thing. It certainly is an act of kindness. Hard to understand the riots and trashing but maybe fires and impending monsoons affect moods and added to stress it all breaks out. Dont give up. It will be ok in the end. We all have to believe that. We are looking at a rise in infections again and crowds protesting have added to the numbers. Happy to stay in till numbers drop. I hope there are things you can do to help the time pass. Keep in touch and have a look at the fb site called bin isolation that started here in Aust . Many are commenting that it is holding them together, all over the world, began by Danielle Askew because her bin was going out more than she was. Hang in there and stay safe from Yallourn North Victoria.