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My girls are still waiting to hear from Camp Seafarer where they are counselors. They have no plans otherwise. ur pool is open, but the rules are extremely rigid/strict. be lucky if we can get there. 8 families at a time, 2 hour max, no child under 18 can be there without parent, all pool furniture will be removed, etc. but thankful we are healthy so far and can hopefully have access to a pool. Our camp (Camp Arrowhead for Boys) is going to operate but with super small sessions and everyone including staff on 14 day lock down of course following guidelines above and many more safeguards. these guidelines will work for smaller camps, but not the large one with multiple seasons that bring in campers and staff from across the US and abroad.

This has just gotten more and more ridiculous. I can see nothing in may, and I will concede June. But why the hell cant they have it in July and August? Life has got to move on. So, my son is signed up for Seagull’s 4 week camp. Kids from all over the country attend Seagull. Although he, and we, are sad he will not be able to go to camp- as parents we were concerned for exposure. There are true hot spots of infection across the country – and some kids who attend camp are from those areas. There are professions that put parents at higher risk – thius exposing their children. Decisions that keep us and our kids safe are not an intrusion your rights.  Lisa Spivey Campbell we are one of those Sea Gull Seafarer families from a “hot zone.” We had the same concerns about kids coming from all over the country. Our county has had almost as many deaths as the entire state of NC. My kids are going to be crushed but I just don’t see how it could possibly be safe. Now how to entertain 3 kids 10-15 in the house all summer? Fortunately we are healthy and have been spared the worst of this so far but the risk of bringing everyone in far outweighs the inconvenience and sadness of a missed summer at my kids favorite place in the entire world. We can’t wait to be back in 2021!


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