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I know you don’t have favorites but I started following you when you were expecting Evie, and she has always been my favorite. All her complicated sass and personality, she speaks right to my heart, and I have loved watching her these last 6 years. Happy Birthday Evangeline!!

  • Target is the perfect BirthDay Outing! Evangeline you are a treasure and the number ‘6’ will be the best year yet! You get to be a new big Sister and a i know you’ll be a great help for your Mom and your little Sister Demi. Sending you lots of love and special wishes from Canada. Give Theo a hug from me and my dog Dora please and thanks. You are truly a precious and kind 6 year old. Lots of hugs to you!!
  • I notice that unlike other dark rides in the Disney park, Mr Toad Wild Ride does not use any animatronics. Just beautifully painted pictures of characters in that Story. Must be done on purpose for a reason…
  • I mean they made a fantastic decision moving it out of Cali considering the resent laws they’ve been passing slowly making pedophilia legal .Disneyland would be a breeding ground if it stayed there!!

What? We don’t want that pedo shit here. Disney is full fledged Illuminati. If I had kids, I would NOT let them watch. Have you ever seen National Treasure? Has oil refineries, cowboys, cowgirls great beer, dont have to have an escort on every oversize load and F’N NASA, facebook and Amazon. What else do we need?

Be glad this is satire. I live 45 minutes from the mouse in Fl and that shit ain’t cute. Try driving in bumper to bumper traffic with mini vans filled with screaming, tired, heat exhausted children driven by angry broke fathers who’ve forfeited their will to live, forced there by their Disney/Pinterest obsessed wives.

Okay, don’t freak out. Many years ago Disney wanted to build a “Disney’s America” in Virginia but it was shot down. This appears to be Disney simply trying to expand into another state, not move Disneyland.

Will remove for snacks mask

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