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Some of these comments are encouraging. I do think there’s a history lesson in all this too. The history of school segregation, housing inequality, discrimination, and all the things that lead to the creation of haves and have nots. Resist the trap that is the label “bad”, it’s stereotypical and oversimplification of years of pain and trauma. I believe your boys could reflect on and name the privileges they enjoy that others do not. Maybe even rally in discussion of how they can support, befriend, and lead their peers to positively change the school environment. Well according to Senator Jeff Jackson we just cut corporate taxes by $290 million dollars, money that could have gone our schools. I’m
sure that money isn’t a panacea, but higher salaries raise morale, more money can mean added staff and smaller classes, more counselors and psychologists who might have time to actually help kids, parents and staff. We have to INVEST in our schools, they have been run on a shoestring for too long. We taught our daughters to be “discriminating” – not about race but about actions. To be discriminating is not a bad thing. Our girls were in private school and still came up against bad behavior. But I think a difference may have been in how the school handled the “bad” behavior – no letting the kid have “a moment.” I think your boys will hear you and your words and actions will guide them. And lots of prayers.

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