Woah we’re halfway there Woah lemon on a pear shirt

Woah we're halfway there Woah lemon on a pear shirt

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I have found a bandaid in a milkshake. I found a safety pin in a hamburger (all the manager did was ask if I wanted a new burger). I found a ballpoint pen baked into my birthday cake. I assume all were accidents. But a tampon? I worked fastfood in my youth and some of the guys I worked with would drop food on the floor before cooking it for cops but I wouldn’t serve it. People now a days have no morals and integrity. Treat people the way you want to be treated. I’m done with Starbucks if they can’t respect ALL their customers then why should I go. I’m not an officer but that could be me. Respect for all or do t work there. I work in a Target Starbucks and the chances of me noticing what credit card is being used is slim to none. This is the strangest story. Our pin pads are positioned towards the guest under the pexiglass…but I’m not in LA. If the baristas did in fact do that, it’s absolutely disgusting, immature, unprofessional and disrespectful…they are Target employees, not Starbucks, and that is a horrible thing to do. I am so tired of all this imachure disrespectful crap going on lately. Just stop and grow up be respectful, have good manners and be conciderate of others and there feelings. What happened with that growing up. Not all people are bad! The whole thing just seems pretty odd. First the Shake Shack now a Starbucks. Not saying that its not possible but how the story was told just sounds off. Besides that when did they have a chance to do it you can see everything that they are doing as they are making your drink. I don’t know might be just me.