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Bryan Woolman Donald Trump is the only one will step into the oval office without a leash… TRUMP’s smart and he’s tough…He doesn’t have to put his hand under the table for coin…He has plenty… Scott Everett Yeh …what you said, but don’t exclude the other candidates…. whether peeps know it or not… Cruz, Rubio and Kaisch are all taking from the same pot…. Cruz and Rubio share telemundo and univision funds….. Rubio is getting the biggest bang and 2/3’s of the pot. Cruz lost some of his funders after the fiasco of Iowa and So Carolina… Dean Langevin When Cruz and Rubio met with Rupurt Murdoch and the leaders of the Establishment repub/dems from NYC in Palm Springs CA… they “conferenced” . Which simply put means…. Money will do this for you and this is what we want……There are no exit doors, except for the backers if the candidate drops in the polls, they pull their money… Hani Trak NO money owed means there are no special interests paving the way for a candidate and expecting a return once they are elected. TRUMP is self funded….. Last check I did of the Public disclosures for funding, Rubio has been given a larger portion of Cruz’s coin as well as Bush’s funds, still holds Koch Bros money, telemundo and univsion. That would be close to a billion… There is big money on the table because they want a puppet not a Trump… Bryan Woolman I will feel exactly the same as I do now…. Trump, whenever he has made up his mind to do something he does it, and does it exactly as he said he would… He resurrected a >>HUGE<<portion of NYC from economic collapse… Took Central Park back to a family/residence friendly park from the druggies, criminals and murderers… Donald Trump has ALWAYS been one of “THOSE WEALTHY DONORS” in past election years!!!!!!!!! Mostly to DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!! He IS “MR. BIG BUSINESS”. Those of you that are on his side, please tell me HOW he plans to do ANYTHING he says….I have watched every debate, gone to every candidates personal website, watched every interview, among other things, so I can be a well informed responsible voter.

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