Wore A Mask Before It Was Cool face mask

Wore A Mask Before It Was Cool face mask

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He is, face masks are not needed out here! Put yours on and stay the 6 ft. away if its your choice. The only thing different from The Swine Flu is its an election year and a different president. every country made is a country wide mandate to wear a mask, he wont do it and that is why the numbers wont go down. Lead by example, make it a mandate and this will be over. Every other country is getting back to normal except for here Don’t agree with you on a lot of things, and that’s ok. I don’t even agree with my favorite person on several things. I try to scroll past what I view as self servicing opinions (aren’t most opinions self serving?) and laugh at the funny stuff. If I have to agree with everything to enjoy something I wouldn’t even be able to listen to a podcast, or have dinner with my own kids. Contradicted myself just this morning while ranting to my husband about people just assuming things about me! But I caught myself and called myself out. I don’t always agree with you but when I don’t I just shrug my shoulders and keep scrolling. We’ve lost the ability to do that in our society. you said a mouthful-everyone has an opinion and luckily we have the right and option to voice that-but not everything requires a reaction! I do the same and rarely comment on anything. If I don’t like it, I keep scrolling. One of my top reasons for following you is because you tell the truth! And speak your mind! And you are real! Keep writing dear! I’ll come fold your laundry!  First of all, that is a fantastic picture of you!
Secondly, we agree on many issues, not all. That doesn’t matter- I love your attitude, your fortitude, your fierce passion for your family and friends and for everything that is important to you, and your writing is spot on.
Thank you, Adrian, for all that you are- I wish I knew you “in person”! Maybe one day.

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