Assuming I’m just an old lady was your first mistake face mask

Assuming I'm just an old lady was your first mistake face mask

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You couldnt have said it any better. Keep your kids home, dont these people even CARE for their well being?? It takes a neglagent, selfish fool to send an innocent kid back to school in this day and age… Take The Children off of the computer screen and teach them to READ. Teach them to comprehend and process their understanding. EVERYTHING FROM GRADE K-12 is ALLL based on reading.. teach them this and they can read, write..and become ANYTHING they choose to be. Unfortunately though, a baby sitter is what most are looking for in this generation…so so sad I pray that everyone knows what they are doing about sending the kids back to school. Half of the parents in the area where I live refuse to wear a mask unless they are going into Walmart or other businesses that require you wear before coming into the stores. Please tell me how can you want the kids to wear a mask for 8 hours? Are the teachers going to take temperatures? Just because they get Covid doesn’t mean they’re in trouble. The narrative has changed from deaths to contracting it. Open the state and let people be free before it hits the fan!!!! Stop abusing your power! Risk our kids for the rest of the year is not worth it. The fall is the wrong season to start school with the pandemic. Online or TV programs would be better for the rest of the year.I only know that if something worsens that it is safest ….. The school district will not have enough time or effort for the lawsuits that lie ahead. They are exposing children to death.