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Fantastic we picnic in the back yard it;s safe there. But a lot of feather friends think when we sit at the picnic table it’s time to eat. So I feed them or they act like their starved, they have me trained. Lots of bee this year we put out a dish for them so they let us eat in peace. That’s all the buss from us.

  • Betty you’ve got it goin on looks like you’re enjoying your weekend I wish you were real I would spend every minute with you. Can’t in South Lake Tahoe California. Town is over packed with tourists potentially spreading the virus so it’s not safe for locals as the numbers rise
  • No way, I don’t like coffee. I like tea but I don’t think tea and ice cream would work together, not even as a sorbet. It’s like having ketchup on your ice cream or chocolate sauce on pickles.
  • Ester Jones, African American her signature style and voice was appropriated by an African American jazz singer and entertainer – who many say was the original black Betty Boop. During the late 1920s, Esther “Baby Esther” Jones became known for singing in a baby voice and regularly performing at the legendary Cotton Club in Harlem.

The rescue pit bull, Betty Boop, would not stay at the shelter. She refused, and would escape whenever she could. It didn’t take them till they took her to the vet, till they realized what exactly was wrong. And then, they were left with a horrific thought, and knew they had to act, and fast! “

Because it’s so obvious that she had just given birth….I don’t believe this story. I don’t know why they would make it up to get people to read it but there’s no way ANYONE wouldn’t have known she just had puppies….let alone a rescue group. I guessed she had puppies before seeing the pic when it said she kept trying to escape!!! Bogus story.

Betty Boop cloth mask