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A lot of very hateful people. Is this your heart and mind? Ask yourself are these your words or were they propagated? Is it really worth hauling all that negative energy around day after day? I dont get it. Is or has your life in America so terrible? Do you have any other point of reference to draw from? Is this the hate you are teaching to children? Why? Is it worth turning on family, freinds or complete strangers? It must be exhausting carrying all the hate around thst someone or something external gave you?

  • Damn this is probably the last Great actually work President America is ever gonna have.. what in the hell are we gonna do after he cant run anymore?? If this country gets turned over to extremists of any kind you can kiss your country goodbye, and it dont matter if anyone believes it.. lol.. because they will live it.
  • You need to Mr. President complete the convention speech at Gettysburg! Land with Marine One at Dwight Eisenhower’s residence! Unite the country! The statues are about heritage and reconciliation!
  • The radical left libtards are taking the post boxes off the street and and removing the sorting machines from the post offices to win the election.
  • Why are you taking mail collection boxes and high speed sorting machines away? Why are you destroying million of dollars of public assets by throwing these million dollar machines in the trash?

You might consider changing your theme song to “Burn the Bridges. “ great song for moving forward and it’s by King and Country. That should give the dems something to bitch about !!

The United States is nearly 70% liberal with an even greater percentage pro-choice. You can’t fight it. You can’t stop it. I get it. Trump represents your last stand, but guess what? White people will be the minority by 2040, and no wall, finished or not, will stop that.

In your hateful speech, the horrible way you speak of WOMEN, your yelling daily in a mic, your inability to make a sentence cohesively, you’ve done NOTHING, for me as a business owner. I can’t believe that I will loose so many in my life over the likes of YOU

President Trump please help New York City for the 911 ceremony. They are lots of people still mourning their love ones. Let their love ones be remembered. Mr. Donald Trump, you cannot take away the right of any American to vote, even if it is by mail or absentee voting. You trying to do so, i believe, is going to cost you to loose the election coming up soon. Keep doing these things to oppose the rights of the people and i guarantee it’s all going to backfire on ya!

Betty Boop cloth mask