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All American Trump Girl Shirt, hoodie


CLAUDIAThank you, bye!

RADThanks Claudia. That’s an interesting question you have about what age-group Roblox is suitable for, but a difficult one to give a definitive answer to. Partly because Roblox isn’t one single game. It’s more of a digital platform for loads of user-made games… Of varying quality.

GEMYeah and, while the platform of Roblox itself appears to have an official classification of PG, the individual games themselves don’t necessarily go through the same classification systems that other games outside of Roblox might. So, the answer here is – it really depends. You should always check with your grown-ups about these kinds of decisions.

RADAnd to whether it is safe, well, obviously online safety is really, really important, particularly with the social and chat features of Roblox. There are certain restrictions in place for players with profiles registered as being under 13 years of age. And Roblox has a guide for parents on its site which includes info about safety features, in-game transactions, privacy, account and friends list restrictions plus other controls.


So again, this is one to ask your grown-ups to explore first. Maybe they could also have a bit of a play of the Roblox games you’re interested in with you to get a better idea of what you want to play. Perhaps they’ll end up becoming gamers themselves, if they aren’t already!

RADIndeedy! And on that note, we are out of time for this week. If you’ve got a question you’d like to see us tackle here at the Ask SP desk, go here… To send it in. And, of course, all of those vid-tastic video questions that are selected for the show will score a GGSP loot pack.

GEMSo, Rad, how many pairs of answer pants do you actually have?

RADThree. But the third pair is just for display purposes only.

RADI’m even considering getting a fourth pair for emergencies…

GEMThat’s amazing. Definitely send me the pictures. Well GGSPeeps we’re at the end of another show, but stick around for what we’ve got next week… It’s back into the icy deep blue for our full review of Subnautica: Below Zero! I’m so excited!

RADThat game looks rad.

All American Trump Girl Shirt, hoodie
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