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Seek to understand and respect.

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As important as your faith is to you, keep an open attitude when you talk with your child. Let him know you respect him as a person. Ask questions. Does your child doubt that God really exists? Is he disenchanted with the church? Has something happened in his life to spark doubts? Also ask what he wants or needs from you at this stage in his life. Does he just want understanding and support, or help in investigating truth? Listen carefully with the goal of understanding his thoughts.

Empathize with them.

Remember your young person is taking a risk  Cat Dad Someone Who Works Hard So His Cats Can Have A Good Life Shirt, hoodie, tank top by opening up to you. She might even fear you’ll reject her. Look on the bright side. If your child is telling you something like this, she values you and your relationship. Thank her for sharing her thoughts with you.

Reassure them.

Do all you can to reassure your son or daughter that although you disagree with their views, you still love and treasure them. Let them know that maintaining open communication and a positive relationship is important to you. Tell them you’ll do your best to continue to support them and offer whatever life guidance they need or want.

Take a no-pressure stance.

Remember you cannot convince your child. Personally, I feel tempted to bombard my young friend with articles and Bible verses. Yet I understand my attempts to pressure or persuade her won’t bring her back to faith. On the contrary, they’d only turn her off. All I can do is pray for her and seek to be a safe, supportive adult in her life.

Set a positive example of authentic faith.

Seek to live the kind of life your child would want to emulate. Be a positive example of love and caring for others. Just as you would with any friend, occasionally share how your relationship with God is impacting your life. But make sure he knows you’re not trying to convince him of anything; you simply want to be yourself and share your life and thoughts with him.

Continue to affirm them.

Our children need our approval more than we know. Let’s communicate unconditional love and respect by continuing to express appreciation for them. Look for your young adult child’s positive qualities and mention them often. Celebrate her successes. Let her know you’re with her and you’re cheering her on.




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