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Agent 99 has given the building height as ” 77 feet, 3.5 inches high” in her post #327.This agrees with the website I linked way back at #171. (I did make a mistake there regarding the plane and corrected it shortly later)

Plunger’s link sure is interesting.That wing tip sure does look like folding portion the navy version of the A3. It is sheared clean at the fat end. If it was the tip of a larger one piece wing it surely would be ragged, not straight across.

Considereing the amount of fuel in a 757 it also seems the flames go out extremely fast. I would expect fuel to be splashed all over the face of the building and continue to burn for some time.

About 20 years ago a B52 went down at Mather AFB near here. The resulting fire burned for hours and it left a trail of black smoke across the sky that could be seen for 50 or more miles. It blocked out the sun in my location of about 15 miles from the site.

COMMENT #334 [Permalink]… Onyx said on 5/17/2006 @ 9:20 pm PT…

Bluebear – My 60 foot estimate was from 5 stories at 10 ft each plus a large cornice = approx 60 ft. I believe the 77 ft number is probably more accurate. However, this makes the plane height even bigger. My calc goes from 12.5 ft to 16.5 ft using the new 77 ft building height. Definitely too big to be a missile and right in the ballpark for a 757

COMMENT #335 [Permalink]… Agent99 said on 5/17/2006 @ 9:22 pm PT…

I don’t know how my link messed up…..?

While my coffee’s brewing, Onyx, I should add that I find the first video, with the dirty lens must not be a straight picture lens, things seem too far out of whack in it. The second one is much better, but that is just a long streak of smoke, same width as “nose” in first video.

I can’t get to 757 because it was not there IMMEDIATELY upon impact, didn’t do enough damage, and NO WAY can that be. Plus, since it’s CLEAR to anyone who knows even a little about how things are done there that NO plane, or missile, could have approached without them knowing ALL about it and doing something dispositive about it. So it was CERTAINLY planned and allowed to happen. I was watching the tv just moments after impact and there was NO evidence of a plane then, and it irked me at the very moment they were showing it. I’ll shut up till I go back at those videos one last time, and I will write down my measurements to give you.


Firearms Is My Second Favorite F-Word Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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