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I’m highly concerned over the worrying state of insecurity in the country. It is extremely high when you travel by road. But I want to correct one impression even though it doesn’t go down well with some people. The killings in Nigeria isn’t about Christians alone, it is about killing Nigerians. They kill Christians as well as Moslems; those who don’t believe in God are also being killed. Of course, we are concerned as Christians because we count our own people that are being killed. But our concern as Christians and Muslims should be on how to mitigate the problem of insecurity. Kidnappers kidnap whoever they want to, being a Christian or Moslem does not matter to them. The concern is that the government should be alive to its responsibility. Parents should go back to those qualitative values that shaped peoples’ lives in the past. Whatever I am today, I attribute them to the values my parents inculcated in me. This is the time for parents to go back home and give attention to their children and inculcate godly values in them. Academic institutions should implant moral values in the young ones, churches and mosques should instil spiritual values as well. And governments should be alive to their responsibility by making relevant and effective laws. Whenever people run afoul of the laws, they should be punished.

There has been campaign to allow youths to lead this country as we steadily approach the 2023 general elections. Do you subscribe to this view? Guitar You don’t play the blues you feel it shirt, hoodie, tank top

I’ve heard people say the youth should take over. But I keep asking myself, are the youths not the product of the decadence in our society? Do they have different moral values? When they get there, will they not be thinking of how to make more money or become billionaires within a year? Don’t we have youths in politics now? We have them as governor, legislators and so on. What impact have they made in politics? Be that as it may, if Nigeria would change, the first thing we need to do is to go back to God. We need to go back to our root. We’ve abandoned God. Churches, mosques, politicians, schools and children are all looking for money. And this inordinate search for money has affected the whole thing we are talking about. But if we trace our steps back to God by making Him our priority, then the rate of insecurity will drop because you will know it is wrong to kill, the crave and greed for money will also subside because no one will take money to the grave. If we trace our steps back to God, we would know that as a leader, you have been put in charge to serve and not to cheat on people you are leading. That is when we will begin to see servant leadership or stewardship in service. From the example of Jesus, He was a servant leader, He was selfless. Can our leaders emulate this godly character? Can any Nigerian do the same thing?

Talking about the election coming, I don’t know who we want to put there. Considering even the fight over which region should produce the next president; is it not for selfish purpose? Tell me, which political party is doing the right thing today? Are a sizeable number of the people you find in the ruling All Progressive Congress not from the opposition Peoples Democratic Party? Chameleon remains the same animal, depending on its environment which affects its colour. For me, what I need is someone who will deliver result, I’m not interested in the party or tribe a leader or the president is coming from.




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