I See You I Love You I Accept You Shirt

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I See You I Love You I Accept You Shirt hoodie, tank top

Orvis, to me, really nails their sizing. For transparency, I’m a pretty normal American woman, average, 5’6″, a classic L/12 in sizing. I have boobs and curves and a constant nagging feeling that when most companies make sizing for women, they forgot about boobs. It’s just a thing.

Orvis didn’t forget about boobs! It’s honestly a miracle. And every time I wear something of theirs, I’m reminded this is clothing made for women, not in spite of us. A privilege and a joy, it is.

Anyway, with sun hoodies, I find they’re often tight. And tightness tends to negate a lot of the coolness. We need a bit of breathing room, but too much and you look like you’re wearing a trash bag. Too little, and you look like you’re in a sausage casing.

So, with this long digression, what I’m saying is Orvis nailed this hoodie. It’s all the right stuff.


  • UPF: 50+
  • Polygiene odor control

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Best Bugproof Shirt: Simms BugStopper Hoody


All hail the Simms BugStopper collection ($79)! If you’re not privy, welcome to the club. I know no one loves mosquitoes, but I particularly loathe them. And yet, I can feel confident going out in Simms’ BugStopper gear. It really works. This hoodie in particular is an awesome addition to the closet.

Treated with Insect Shield, this permethrin-treated shirt is a bit heavier than a classic sun shirt but not by much. At 100% polyester, it wicks sweat and dries quickly. It has pockets for phones and keys but not much more, and a nice long half-zip.

If you find yourself in buggy areas, this shirt will change your life. Simms also offers BugStopper leggings, hats, gaiters, and sun gloves. I’m telling ya, this Insect Shield stuff is where it’s at on days you’re beating back the hordes.



I See You I Love You I Accept You Shirt hoodie, tank top
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