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I’m A Proud Dad Of A Freaking Awesome And Freaking Stubborn Tattooed Daughter Shirt, hoodie

This little piggy’s ode to fleeting youth had Jenny in tears, and not just because of the adorable and nostalgic Charlotte’s Web-themed clues package that preceded it. This was a genuinely sweet and tender performance. “You just touched my heart. I really hope you win this competition,” Jenny gushed.

Clues: Years ago, he was “really getting grilled” and having a “difficult time,” but then “someone unexpected turned his life around” — “rescuing him from the heat” and giving him a “brand-new start.” Now he’s a happy family man. Visual clues included two cherished dog tags, the abbreviation “1 DR,” and palm trees. Past episodes have made multiple references to the Piglet’s unlucky love life.

Judges’ guesses: Bradley Cooper, Zayn Malik, AJ McLean. I’m A Proud Dad Of A Freaking Awesome And Freaking Stubborn Tattooed Daughter Shirt, hoodie

My guess: This has to be father-of-three Nick Lachey. This I swear. Not only does the Piglet sound like the former 98 Degrees singer (and the grilling/roasting clues are clear references to that boy band’s fiery name), but the backstory about the woman who changed his luck is obviously about his wife, Vanessa Lachey — whom Nick met on the set of his “What’s Left of Me” video right after splitting from his first wife, Jessica Simpson.

The Crab, “Give It to Me Baby”

Last week’s wild card made his debut with a heartbroken and heartbreaking rendition of “Ain’t No Sunshine,” but this week his claws came out as he got into bad-boy mode on this funky Rick James jam. And that’s his prerogative! He sure was the king Crab tonight. Robin said he “brought the fire,” and Nicole loved his “yummy” and “delicious” vocals.

Clues: After his performance, he was so overheated and out of breath from being in his constricting costume that he had to take a break — indicating that he might be older and/or have health problems. He revealed that he was a troublemaker as a kid but learned the value of family from cooking with his mom, and he’s an enthusiastic chef to this day (we saw him in the kitchen ladling out macaroni and cheese). He’s also a huge fan of Sammy Davis Jr. And the song “Mr. Bojangles,” which is why one of his prized possessions is a Sammy-style bowler hat. Past clues have referenced multiple family tragedies and overnight megastardom.

Judges’ guesses: Martin Lawrence, Bobby Brown, or someone from Boyz II Men.




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