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either political party. These are human institutions that are replete with all of human foibles and weaknesses. The stuff of Caesar, not God.

But I think it is patently false to say he was a liberal merely because he allowed for redemption. It came only AFTER penance. Not before. The only person who seemed to be guaranteed entry into Heaven was the thief on the cross next to Him. One crook demands of Jesus salvation. He still thinks only of himself. The other, realizes that he has in fact himself been a sinner. He says that he deserves what he has gotten, unlike Jesus.

The man takes responsibility for his decisions and his actions. Jesus tells him that he will be with Him in paradise. Jesus does not tell the other criminal that he probably grew up poor and misunderstood and maybe had an abusive father or any other excuses for his crimes. He doesn’t say, “You’re both going to make it upstairs today.” No. He tells the one who has seen that forgiveness demands acknowledgment that one has wronged another.

Liberals, out of “compassion”, do not demand responsibility of others. They think this is a greater virtue. It is in fact, a form of avoidance of truth. Pointing out that He “hung out” with criminals is bogus. Criminals came to Christ. Compassion does not mean telling a crook, “it’s ok what you do. I love you anyway.” It would mean telling the crook “You’re a crook. And I’m telling you that because I love you. But knock it the hell off, or get lost. I don’t hang with crooks.”

So I dispute the idea that Jesus was a “liberal.” He believed in human potential with a keen temperence that understood human weakness. He was tough on sinners. He was in their faces. But when they submitted to the obvious, their very weaknesses, he forgave.

Finally, I think preening on about how wonderful one is because one is so “compassionate” would have been knocked down by Jesus as well. It would have come under the sin of vanity or self congradulation. And I think he could have forgiven such vanity from anyone.



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