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In Case Of Accident My Blood Type Is Yarn Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Images of Hunter getting high, naked and emotional texts between father and son were revealed.

And while the Biden camp denied the authenticity of the contents, they were real, according to the book.

In one text, Hunter wrote to Joe from rehab in February 2019 that he was a ‘f**ked up addict that can’t be trusted, relied upon nor defended,’ then added, ‘if you don’t run [for president] ill never have a chance at redemption.’

A Biden aide is quoted in the book saying, ‘We were able to put [the laptop scandal] in a box and have the media treat it like it deserved to be treated— which was like a conspiracy theory, and not like it was Clinton’s emails or the crazy parade of accusers at the St. Louis debate.

‘We had been preparing the whole ecosystem to respond to some crazy Trump October surprise. And it responded responsibly. That doesn’t happen by accident. This all stems from the way we responded on Ukraine.’

Beau famously kept his last name off his uniform when he was deployed to Iraq with his unit while he was attorney general so that he wouldn’t get special treatment as the vice president’s son.

Dovere, who is a staff writer and lead political correspondent for The Atlantic and its lead political correspondent who has covered Democratic politics for 15 years, touches on Joe’s relationship with his late son Beau and the differences between the sons.

‘Beau was always special, had an ease about him,’ Dovere writes. ‘Hunter had the cool air that covered feeling not quite up to it.’

‘I’m not sure if people put a lot of weight into who my mom and dad are as much as they focus on whether I’m doing the job they elected me to do,’ Beau said in a 2012 interview in Wilmington, halfway through his second term as Delaware attorney general. ‘George Bush, who I don’t often quote, had a great line. He says he inherited all of his dad’s enemies but some of his friends.’


In Case Of Accident My Blood Type Is Yarn Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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