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LGBT Heart Love Wins Shirt, hoodie, tank top

went to them with the information the following day. I wasn’t prepared to carry that burden for him.

‘There are reasons why he didn’t want the police to know or to find her. That may become clearer in the future.

‘But I’m left with that burning question, why? Why did he not want anyone to find Mary?

Fred’s son said the true extent of his father’s killing may never be known but he believes it is far more than those he was charged with.

He continued: ‘He talked to me about another 20-30 victims on top of what the police found. He said he lost count, forgot victims’ names.

‘There were a number of other locations that my dad told me he’d buried his victims. I told police this back in 1994/5.

On Friday May 7, officers were called to The Clean Plate Café after they were tipped off by filmmakers about potential evidence of a body buried at the property.

A tent was put up outside the front of the city centre premises and evidence bags and boxes were seen being loaded into a police van.

Gloucestershire Police described the excavations as ‘a significant development’ in the search for Mary which could take weeks to complete.

A spokesman for Gloucestershire Constabulary said: ‘Currently we are focusing our efforts into investigating the potential evidence found by a production company specifically related to the disappearance of Mary Bastholm.

‘After we have completed this work we will review whether any other activity or enquiries are needed.’

The force has issued a statement in response to comments about its refusal on past occasions to search the Clean Plate Cafe, particularly in 2012 when an online petition was raised calling on it to do so.

The police statement reads: ‘At the time of the original Fred West investigation and in response to the 2012 online petition, it was deemed there was insufficient evidence that Mary Bastholm was buried at the location.


LGBT Heart Love Wins Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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