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Plunger: “A3” refers both to a plane that carries cruise missiles and the missiles themselves. I know, first hand, that there are jets the size of sports cars, and we all know flying things don’t need pilots anymore. There has been testimony that a plane came in and veered off. It could have been the one Mineta heard Darth Fudd let approach. Cruise missiles are incredibly fast, maneuverable and accurate. I think they would have wanted all those features the most for that particular display. There are cruise missiles that look like toy fighter planes. There are all shapes and sizes of them, and I’m sure there are bigger ones we don’t know about. This footage leaves the matter of size pretty darn hard to pin down. The only thing it shows for CERTAIN is that it was NOT Flight 77. I’m sticking with the missile story for the reason of the speed, accuracy and maneuverability. THAT could account for the fancy ass, almost super-human, trajectory it took into the side of the Pentagon, and the explosion from it was identical to known missile impact explosions.

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What you are doing isn’t disagreement. Disagreement means you looked at what was said and offered a counterpoint regarding the information that was presented.

No one is going to thank you for being a troll. I hope you wear a uniform, at least then it will give you an excuse to be a brainwashed fool who can’t talk with people, only at them.

The ‘defending your right’ to speak your mind by telling others to, basically, shut up is unproductive, Jeff. I won’t respond to anything you post again. Why don’t you go back to wearing a uniform. It suits you better than analyzing facts to form an opinion.

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Pelosi Is An Idiot Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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