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I’m a Democrat, and I’m strongly pro-choice. Being pro-choice is not equal to being “pro-abortion.” I’m sure the author is aware of this distinction, but I wanted to emphasize it again.

COMMENT #206 [Permalink]… Randy Staudt said on 12/6/2005 @ 6:52 am PT…

If you don’t claim to be a Christian, you can ignore the following:

Square this with your version of Christianity & God:

I Samuel 15:2&3

Also, you need to reread the few recorded contacts Jesus and his immediate followers had with the Romans to understand a little better what their attitude was towards governmental conflict and authority. It seems you are remaking Jesus in your image instead of accepting the total package.

COMMENT #207 [Permalink]… The Redneck said on 12/6/2005 @ 7:45 am PT…

Wildfire:”If i made as much sense as you my I.Q would be about hmmm hovering at around 50.”–You mean it isn’t already?

“I make it a point not to debate with people who little to no logical sense or with morons who feel it necessary to stick up for other losers”–Is it because you don’t like the competition or because such people already agree with you?

“You can justify your hositilies however you want….”–“He deserved it” works for me.

“…But redneck by name and nature.”Indeed. And clearly, vastly superior to yourself.

You didn’t take my earlier advice, did you? You have a lot to learn, son, and I suggest you start here

Autarkis:”For example, the article you cite is about the Schiavo memo which later that very Senator’s aid admitted to writing.”–Which would have been a stunning victory–if they had accused some obscure aid of writing the memo instead of claiming it to be a Republican plan.

“The article you cite dwells on semantics of what various Palestian terrorist or militant groups, take your pick it’s all the same to me, are called by The Post.”–All the same to you, and to the Post. Those of us whose hatreds haven’t permenently warped our view of reality, on the other hand, know that a) there is a vast difference between a terrorist and a military leader and b) people unable to see this difference are not credible sources.



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