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+ Is “Maximus” a gratuitous assertion about the depth of your intellect? Or perhaps the girth of your “manliness”? Or maybe the width or your hips, assuming, like Ms. Cornell, that a functioning uterus grants its owner with esoteric insights into the nature of reality?

+ Is asserting my ignorance your considered opinion or the bloviations of an ideologue in full cognitive surrender? Is your attempt at mental masturbation, i.E. Your ham-fisted retort using my summary quotation against me without any effort to refute any of the facts & points previously expressed the best your �rapier wit� can generate?

+How does it feel to be a practitioner of “Bulverism”?


COMMENT #200 [Permalink]… Autarkis said on 12/5/2005 @ 8:46 pm PT…


AIM is a spin org. No bones about it. Not to be trusted even by conservatives, at least not the foolish ones. If there are any left. For example, the article you cite is about the Schiavo memo which later that very Senator’s aid admitted to writing. Let me help you out:http://www.Washingtonpos…Les/A32554-2005Apr6.Html

CAMERA is a pro-Israeli media pressure group. The article you cite dwells on semantics of what various Palestian terrorist or militant groups, take your pick it’s all the same to me, are called by The Post. Hardly inaccurate, hardly dishonest reporting. This is a group with an agenda trying to get their interpretation of the facts spun into the coverage. I’m sure there’s an Arab group out there somewhere complaining in an equal and opposite direction.

And the last is from a cite called “Oh, That Liberal Media.” Yeah. Okay. Speaks for itself. There’s a laundry list of supposed trangressions that, and frankly the rantosphere probably has a special orbit set aside for these guys, basically boil down to how you interpret what The Post, or anyone else for that matter, is saying. I’ll just hit the top story: White Phosphorous in Falluja. The only mention of The WP is that of the blogger, not a beat reporter, William Arkin. The problem seems to be that he’s citing sources this guy doesn’t like and isn’t willing to claim a legal expertise about whether WP is a chemical weapon that is outlawed by international treaty. Positively damning.

But thanks for playing.



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