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Poppy The Man The Myth The Bad Influence Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Also I agree with alot of what your saying, I just know that there was total incompetence on ALL levels that day, it makes NO SENSE !! I do understand your points in #266 & agree if its all as simple as you would like to put it, then your other points I tend to disagree with are very valid. But I know there is much more then meets the eye that most Americans (cant , or maybe wont) even think about because its just to damn upsetting & outrageous. But may in fact be the truth. Only by having different points of views does anything get accomplished to solving of any mysterys.I love my country sincerly & that is why I want EVERY avenue looked @ until we have a clear understanding of what did indeed transpire on that HORRIFIC day. I belive & God & pray about this alot. Plus family in the military fighting a war in Iraq which never should of happend , not for the reasons the Bush Administration claims anyway. Im SICK to Death Of lies & corruption coming from the bush Administration, this in not what our forefathers would be very proud ofthis country deserves MUCH better leaders who can bring back our respect here which other countries USED to have for us. The bush Administration needs to stop lying about saying were concerned about everyone elses freedom, while we continue to loose ours freedoms right here.

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Jpentz #257

Indeed. The cell phone technology is composed of ground stations, and the cell phone unit itself.

If the cell phone transmits to a ground station, that station determines what the next station might be if you are moving, and contacts the next station to pass on the information so the call will not be dropped.

When speed is involved, even 70 mph at times, will cause a cascade (too many stations trying to figure out direction and who should handle it – but can’t) which will cause a dropped call (link here).

At several hundred miles per hour at 36000 feet a cascade is assured, assuming any station could be contacted at all in the first instance.

More likely that many stations would fight for first contact thinking they were first, and hence a cascade, or a failure to make a first contact.

Here is a link that explains “handover” or “handoff”.

Some experiments confirm this: see this link and this link

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Poppy The Man The Myth The Bad Influence Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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