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Try again. New torture rooms staffed by Shiite militias? Elections we manipulated if not decisively enough to keep out the pro-Iranian parties at least effectively enough to keep them from getting a clear majority. A democracy where our military pays off the newspapers to plant stories? Hell, and I don�t even have time to dwell on Basra where the Shiite militias have so thoroughly infiltrated the police force they�re killing anyone who violates sharia law and less than a year ago got into a big shootout with British forces.

�If it’s offensive, then I’m afraid I’m not at all sorry, but to claim that Iraq was better off under Houssein is stupid. It’s plain and simply a dumb thing to say, and the only question such a statement should bring forward is whether the appropriate response is anger or amazed laughter.�

Tell that to former Prime Minister Allawi and not me. He certainly says that. It would be good to see a current poll. I think the last one taken did have a slim majority of Iraqis saying some contradictory things. One, they�d agree with you that the war and the aftermath was worth it to get rid of Saddam. Two, interestingly, they claim they�re worse off now than under Saddam. Three, they want us the hell out of Iraq. The only way I could make sense of these results is the pollsters talked mainly to the Shiite majority. They are happy Saddam is gone and now they�re just twiddling their thumbs until we leave and they can take over.

Some seem more worried than others about how quickly we should leave but giving us the boot is the overwhelming sentiment. Remember the parties that won the election had a plank stating they�d tell us to leave, which they conveniently forgot later on, and more recently you had the Arab League declaration in which Iraqi delegates voted that �resistance� was a legitimate right. Not exactly the flowers tossed at our feet Cheney was talking about before the war.

�”Saddam was a scumbag. Nobody sensible is going to argue that.”–Thanks for pointing that out. Now please continue telling us why he should have been left in office.�

Because, Einstein, you�re looking at the alternative.

�”But for your own sake, don’t ask the former Prime Minister, and ex-CIA asset, Allawi what he thinks about our “progress.” Not-a-gonna-likee the answer”–Because of course the guy who lost his job out there is the premiere source of information on the subject. Just don’t read the Washington Post headlines about Sen. Lieberman’s statements about Iraq. �


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