Trump sitting on Biden toilet shirt

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Trump sitting on Biden toilet shirt, hoodie, tank top

The wingspan of a 757 is 124 feet 10 inches. The width of the overall opening, even what is visible as possible wing marks slamming into the face of the building is closer to 74 feet than it is 124 feet 10 inches. In short, there is 50 feet missing to substantiate the Official Lie put out by Washington, DC as to what hit the Pentagon. Said another way, there is 25 feet on each side of the centerline of the strike point (that 14-16 foot hole left in the side of the Pentagon) that left no evidence of a wider wing span 757 hitting the building.

They also cannot (or more appropriately will not) explain what happened to the two 9 foot diameter engines that mysteriously disappeared. Some official government sources claim that the fire was so hot it melted the engines to nothing, yet they claim they found DNA of the passengers. That math does not compute, or the science either.

I remember the first conversation I had with Karen Kwiatkowski, a retired Lieutenant Colonel who was in the Pentagon that day. She is the lady that went public about the Office of Special Plans where they were falsifying the intelligence regarding Iraq. She vividly remembers being downstairs and around the corner in about 10 minutes to help get people out and the FBI agents were at the CITGO station confiscating the video tapes of what hit the Pentagon.

Other eyewitnesses have stated that they smelled explosives such as cordite, not burning jet fuel. Those were military witnesses that know that exploded ordnance smells like.

What little video evidence there is does show a white trail of smoke before the Pentagon explosion. Jet fuel burns dark at sea level and jets do not leave white contrails at sea level. What does leave a white trail of smoke at all elevations is the solid fuel of a rocket, Thiokol in most rockets being the type of solid fuel.

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Trump sitting on Biden toilet shirt, hoodie, tank top
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