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Hey buddy, it was you that took a shot across the bow mentioning that we all should read the “studies by serious strategic think tanks and our own CIA.” You made no mention of news articles. I stated why I did not want to respond to the Post and you have no explanation why I should other than they choose their stories by what they think will sell. Making my point precisely, I do not care what sells. The truth does not necessarily sell.

Please, if you are going to attack me, at least be precise in your speech to begin with. My second post in response to you said that I would not post stuff from sources you would obviously dismiss as well. I thought this would be a decent enough compromise. Otherwise we will be doing nothing but stating opposite sides of the same reports as discussed in major news outlets and neither of us will have read the original reports. That is useless.

COMMENT #187 [Permalink]… KL said on 12/5/2005 @ 3:49 pm PT…

Wild Fire,I don’t hate abortionists. “Hate the sin, but love the sinner.” And the first amendment gives me the right to speak out against people who enjoy sleeping around. Thats my opinion. And it also gives you the right to speak out. So feel free to spout uncontrolably, which is what liberals are good at. Your not going to change my opinion or anyone else’s until you learn how to debate intelligently.

COMMENT #188 [Permalink]… Autarkis said on 12/5/2005 @ 4:40 pm PT…

Big K: Is every news story unbiased or as good as having your hands on primary sources? No. Only a fool would answer otherwise. However, come on, The Washington Post is broadly recognised as a high quality newspaper. The editorial board even endorsed the whole Iraq foolishness, much to my dismay. They’re untrustworthy how again? And only in America, in certain circles, is the BBC seen as anything other than mainstream.

Now there is content in these stories relating to studies you seemed to imply didn’t exist. While I admire your tap-dancing shoes, it’s time to either dance or get off the stage. I’m not impressed with semantics and wriggling. You have some information to make me think Iraq isn’t a hotbed of recruiting and training for future Jihadis in a way it could never have been before we invaded, put it up.

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