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Then we had to go and screw things up with Iraq which, essentially, became what al Qaida had dreamed Afghanistan was going to be…

But there are many Muslims, who with rational reasons to mistrust American intentions, mistrust Islamic extremists every bit as much. I’m more worried about the Christian right in this country trying to tell me how to live my life than I am some fatwah spewing goober in Pakistan.

The problem is that we’re driving alot of Muslims right into the hands of bin Ladin thanks to our operations in Iraq – this according to many studies by serious strategic think tanks and our own CIA. If you haven’t read them, get on it.

While I’ll admit it’s very hard for me to defend the original article here, attempts at irony aside – it really does take a Frankin to pull off a Frankin, this is one commentary I had to respond to. And there’s more but I’m just too longwinded for this format. But I will say that the idea that responding to violence with yet more violence and exaggerating the hostility between two groups, in this case, is something neither Pope John Paul nor the Dali Lama could get with. My guess is that Jesus probably leans closer over that way than to an Ann Coulter. But that’s beyond my area of expertise.

COMMENT #178 [Permalink]… Big k said on 12/5/2005 @ 10:35 am PT…


According to many studies? Which ones? Show some proof, you started out so well. Give me something to debate here. I could just as easily state that reading liberal blogs cause cancer according to some major experts. Does not mean it holds any water.

And Wild Fire,

Jesus would be considered an extremist today, no doubt about it. He was an extremist in his own time. Give away all you own to the poor and follow Me. Sell your cloak and buy a sword. He knew he would be persecuted and killed, and told his followers that they were no better, and the same fate would happen to them. They should accept it gladly. Parables concerning bad seeds of undesirable plants being thrown into fires. People being cast out of banquets and weddings. I do not know how much of the Bible you have read, but there is a whole lot of �lamenting, and gnashing of teeth� in there.

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