You All Realize I'm Going To Snap One Day... Right Shirt

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You All Realize I’m Going To Snap One Day… Right Shirt, hoodie, tank top

The original Pokemon Snap is a title that I played very enthusiastically as a kid and still think about today. Even though it was a fairly short affair, I squeezed as much gameplay out of it as any person reasonably could have, determined to uncover its secrets and photograph every Pokemon in the game. At many times throughout the past, I’ve been expecting Nintendo to announce a sequel, but that announcement only recently came after literal decades if waiting. After waiting 22 years to play New Pokemon Snap, I can safely say that Nintendo made us wait far too long for a new entry in this delightful sub-series.

For the uninitiated, the original Pokemon Snap was a spin-off title that came early on in the series’ lifespan, during a time when there were still just 150 Pokemon. Pokemon Snap gave players a simple goal: take high-quality pictures of the Pokemon they encountered in the wild. The game took care of navigation, sending players through different courses with on-rails progression so they could focus entirely on setting up the perfect shots. It was an easy-to-play game that, for someone like me who was the perfect age when Pokemon Red and Blue came Stateside, was a ton of fun.

If you ask any Pokemon Snap fan what they’d want out of a sequel, they’d probably just say “more Pokemon Snap.” While I’m very fond of the original game and played it to death, there’s no denying that it was too short and didn’t feature enough Pokemon. Bandai Namco – which developed New Pokemon Snap with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company acting as publishers – seems to understand the desires of the fanbase and the shortcomings of the original game well, as New Pokemon Snap offers up everything that was loved about the original game and just gives us more.


You All Realize I’m Going To Snap One Day… Right Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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