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Minister within the best Minister’s workplace Maliki Osman joined Mr Masagos in highlighting that Singapore’s approach to coping with sensitive considerations, such as wearing the tudung or headscarf in certain professions, is to discuss them in the back of closed doors to keep away from severe ramifications, which may have an effect on religious harmony.

In his speech, Mr Faisal proposed the government permit the tudung to be worn as part of the nurses’ uniform. He stated how some Muslim girls couldn’t function nurses as a result of they have been unable to put on headscarves at work.

If the tudung may be worn as a part of a nurse’s uniform, more girls may fulfil their desire to work as a nurse, mentioned Mr Faisal, noting the initiative would also enhance the pool of local nurses.

Responding to Mr Faisal’s advice in Parliament on Monday (March eight), each ministers expressed realizing of the views of nurses who wished to put on the tudung with their uniforms. The topic became brought up during the controversy on the Ministry of culture, neighborhood and youth’s price range.

The ministers mentioned they’ve engaged with the nurses, union leaders, non secular academics, and other community members on this subject, said straitstimes.Com.

both Mr Masagos and Dr Maliki mentioned that there’s a consensus on discussing the concern on closed systems.

“They agree that these are sensitive considerations and most desirable discussed at the back of closed doors. They also agree that the answer is not straightforward, and we should still not rush into one devoid of addressing these different concerns,” observed Dr Maliki.

The govt’s secular stand on the subject “has been constant,” and the uniform coverage in the public service can’t be tilted towards any specific non secular perception, defined Mr Masagos.

furthermore, the use of a uniform suggests equal rendering of functions, inspite of race or religion. Introducing headscarves to be worn over the uniform would present “a really seen non secular marker”, which might determine the nurse or uniformed officer to be Muslim, he brought.

“This has giant implications – we do not want patients to opt for or no longer favor to be served by a Muslim nurse, nor can we want individuals to consider that public protection is being enforced by using a Muslim or non-Muslim police officer. This is what makes the resolution difficult and delicate,” stated Mr Masagos.

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“Public, aggressive force on such a controversy can only make compromise more durable. Any government concession to religious drive will cause different groups to take into accout and adopt in a similar way aggressive postures.”

Mr Masagos additional brought that “race and faith will develop into increasingly polarising, and this could hurt everyone, specially the minority communities.”

As a neighborhood, Singapore Muslims have been skillful in adapting and adjusting spiritual practices in the course of the years, stated Mr Masagos. He stated one instance, which became decreasing the extent of the call to prayer at mosques in consideration of their neighbours.




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