Don’t California my Texas shirt, tank top, hoodie

Don't California my Texas shirt

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You know the funny thing is they tell you they have to raise your taxes to get us out of debt the one thing that’s consistent is the Democrats keep raising your taxes in the debt keeps rising. And Trump has the highest deficit in American history. And it’s ONLY because of Trump and his pack rats. Get real. We will be Trump 7th bankruptcy, but it won’t be his problem this time …..IT WILL BE OURS. Hell, instead of the Repugs helping out our country because of the TrumpVirus ……. they want 77 million to re-decorate the West Wing. Honey! You’re an EMPTY BARREL who wants to suppress the vote, something the Republican Party has done for decades whenever they can get away with it. You’re terrified and it shows. Stepien isn’t helping you. Actually, he’s making things worse. Enjoy! how is voting at the polls suppressing votes. Their is a thing called early voting. Maybe you should try using it. Didn’t seem their was oppressed voting during Obama or the midterms. Just like a liberal – y’all lack reasoning skills! suppress the vote? Ha! The dems have already proven mail in voting is a scam and does not work. The only people that should be allowed to use mail in voting are the people that are physically unable to go in to vote, as well as those living outside of the U.S. Bless your heart. You’ve been suckered. Here is an example. Lexington KY, population over 300,000…one voting place. My City, population 70,000….at least 12 voting places. Voting suppression took place in Georgia big time. Try to keep up. You’re adorable. I seriously vote for Joe Biden to enter in at the nearest senior citizens community assisted living plus included as president of the community. He’s a good fit for this but no way president of the United States of America.