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I used to farm full time in Canada. Due to a dysfunctional family situation, my wife and I had to move out. We moved stateside in 2004. I had to get my green card to work in the United States. I had to work on construction, pouring cement and it was not great for pay but it was a job. Hard and long hours. Was thankful to be able to support my wife and myself. I also drove garbage truck, did that for 8 years. My wife worked at a hospital as a Collections Specialist for 6 years. We finally were able to get on our feet in 2014 and buy a small farm and turned an old hog barn into a dog kennel. We are not big but we raise miniature Labradoodles and miniature Golden Doodles. I am praying for our country and all of the people. Also praying for all of our leaders. Pray that we can get through this pandemic, people can get back to work and their businesses and make a living. Many are struggling and are very frustrated. Prayers especially for those who are struggling and cannot sleep. May there be REST, PEACE, COMFORT and STRENGTH. the devastation so far has come from dems opposing our President. The only way to stop it is for everyone to accept the nomination for President and peacefully pray for them as they lead the country in the best way they can with all the political fighting and opposition. All people need to go out and vote. Its easier to face adversity when you have an optimistic outlook. My son does, and so do you. Thanks for the conser . MAMA TOOK HIS SETBACK WORSE THAN HE DID., BUT WHAT WE DO. He’s talking about buying the landscaping company when his boss retires.Funny the paths our lives take. It seems yours is turning out well.