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Aaron J. Kenyon, Mexico is paying in the form of tariffs as Trump said from the beginning and the results are already in the billions. But many Liberals fail to believe anything positive.
Who was it that promised to clear a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, but instead left them with an expiration date that has since expired?
Mexico also agreed to help to secure the border because Democrats flat out refused to sign a bill to fund it. But as you clearly see, Trump still gets it done. Sean Thomas they will when they are the ones having feed and take care of the ones that can’t get across 90% of illegals are not Mexican Mexico will have that on them. Martin Cummings ummmmm…… no dopey, he didn’t eliminate them at all, in fact, about 1,000 of them escaped when he abandoned the Kurds. They’re now free to cause all sorts of mayhem. Ed Kramer Trump threatened to raise tariffs on Mexico and Mexico responded to raise them and start doing business with China now we have the best president in the history of Mexico and Trump ended up saying that he is a friend of the Mexican president and that his great fear was Chinese. If that makes you happy, continue to believe that we are paying for the famous wall and, of course, penetrable if it is dynamite or with a welding saw and if not the free border Canada via unattended and by the way, trump is missing 3,500 km of wall to build the entire bone. hahaha border.