Fast and Furious 20th Anniversary 2001-2021 shirt, tank top, hoodie

Fast and Furious 20th Anniversary 2001-2021 shirt

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I have heard and read Covid-19 is highly contagious but would not know from personal experience because all my friends and family have been isolated at home waiting on The Selfish Ones to wear masks. UNC’s actions are beyond the pale. they do not care. I am a University Service Worker. I am scared to be at work. This week is move in week. We have been asked to wear masks at all times pretty much or we will face disciplinary actions. I have underlying health issues, so I’m willing to take the measures necessary. As I traveled across campus yesterday and I would say only about 5% of the people I saw were wearing a mask to cover their nose and mouth. Most were on their chins. I doubt that we will remain open until Nov. operating in this way. and who do you think are teaching them, providing housekeeping, working in cafeterias, providing administrative support, etc. Those people aren’t kids who might just get a “mild” case. I totally agree with you! I also know that UNC placed itself in the spotlight with its nationally publicized “roadmap”. Every campus will deal with this if they bring students back—it’s a risk that they and the students who chose to return assumed. This situation is not unique to UNC. I wonder how others will handle it? I bet a bit quieter. Now on to another sub par but full price semester. the way to economic recovery is to follow the rules, mask and distance. The sooner we do this the sooner we get back to living the way we are use to. Keep denying we stay where we are at. Sorry but I refuse to accept opinions from those who are only “Facebook experts” on Covid. My husband is a hospital physician who has been working the front lines during this pandemic, and my family has suffered immensely watching him stress over this. The callousness and confidence about an unknown virus with which some of you speak is terrifying, and only gives insight into why our country, the supposedly “greatest country on Earth” is an international laughingstock.