Garden you’re never too old to play in the dirt shirt, tank top, sweatshirt

Garden you're never too old to play in the dirt T-Shirt

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A person that has the virus staying at home lessens the risk of infecting others. I personally know of individuals who have died from the virus. Although an individual may also be asymptomatic they also can spread infection to others. This thing is nothing to take lightly! Please share the faith of a mustard seed with me….This too shall pass and the people awoke from a rest and rejoiced in the spring world springing up around them…The month was May…. You folks dont realize, these things dont happen by themselves, l am one of the people who HAS to go outside. I am not selfish, l am doing whay has to be done to get YOU through this!! God didn’t give us this virus and only humans can stop it. Please do the right thing and protect yourself and others by staying away from others. Stop asking God to solve a problem humans created.

Honestly this virus will always be a threat to mankind until it’s totally eliminated from our world, and that ain’t gonna take a month. More like a year until a vaccine is found. I don’t think this has to do with the virus. I believe this is all about one world leader. They are testing how long it takes to shut down the world. Sorry for bad news. Happy Easter…. There is the virus issue. But there is also something underlining all the extra shut downs. If you can get yr hands on the book, “The Great Controversy” by E.G.White… it’ll explain all of this going on. Take care. Stay in prayer. Keep healthy. So sorry you as rude as the rest of the Democrats. I pray every nite that god will not let you folks take over the USA. I have many friends and a lovely sister that live in the Us and very smart not to be liberal so infested with lies and a very corrupt media. I am sure god will see that the evil will be dealt with.