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Ricketts they should help the people of Chicago especially the black community, instead of going after Trump, that no matter what lies they will said we the people are voting for the only one Trump. Donald Trump put it all out there’
He don’t pretend to be something he’s not no tricks’
Painfully honest’ he might be a little brash sometimes but he doesn’t pull no trickery he’s not fake in any way shape or form. Donald Trump don’t use no trashy fake dirty campaign adds he’s just totally himself. Couldn’t you say something like, ” It has been brought to my attention that the Ricketts family, owner of the Cubs, is funding against me! It’s ironic they act nice to my face.” This is a prime example of the sneaky back door deals that you are against, where big money people like the Cubs owners, can fund politicians to their advantage.
You need me Trump lol or better publicists. Blessings kind sir. Think before you post. Well, to be fair, its their father and mother is doing the donating and not the children ( Tom Ricketts) who actually own the Cubs, just wanted that to be clear. So as a Cubs fan, lets not be going after the Cubs now. All others have done so far is to lie about Donald Trump. They are afraid of an honest President who does not want nor will accept their bribes. I will bet there will be others coming up with lies. It does not matter to me. What is important is Americas future, and our future. Lovin the vibes….shows me I’m not the only one that wants to have a safe great country, enjoy friends and family. The veterans and their families that sacrificed everything to make AMERICA great for all of us….They are scared, we the people believe in you Mr. Trump. I’m retired and so discussed about the government playing with R SSI checks ..I worked all my life and put into it..I payed my dues .. Was middle class and becoming poor real fast ..Thought I had it all worked out..Even the stock market is killing me ..Donald I hope U will get these things straighten out before I end up on the street..Things are not right–fed up.