I asked god to make me a better man he sent me wife shirt, hoodie, tank top

I asked god to make me a better man he sent me wife hoodie

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Doctors need to stop charging for phone consults especially when all they do is tell you to have a COVID test and not actually offer you any treatment. I thought phone consults where to be bulk billed. A money grab I think and on tv they have said phone consults where to be bulk billed and free if you had cold symptoms. I did not have COVID. There has to be an easier test. I have nasal polyps, deviates septum and very inflamed narrow passages due to constant allergy issues. I’ve had a few tests already and I do not plan on having anymore nasopharangeal tests. They’re too damaging causing me other issues. Is there another test ? bahahaha what nonsense mate, as a health employee ib medical imaging technomogy and a qualified scientist with a microbiology/physiology degree I’m 100% confident I’ve got a better handle on this than a guy with a meme as his photo. They have not only isolated COVID-19 but they can also genetically trace outbreaks based on the unique evolution of each strain, which is how they contact trace and know if outbreaks are linked community transmissions or new outbreaks.
The one doing the misleading is you. I’m qualified in performing RT PCR and no educated person would make the errors you are suggesting as RNA and DNA are very different if you know what you are actually doing.
Perhaps you should stop assuming just because Facebook “publishes” your made-up “research that somehow your need to be relevant during a pandemic by spreading misinformation is valuable? I had heard about a 45 minute test but that doesn’t seem to be an option in regional areas.
Last time I got tested it was over two days and people are expected to isolate themselves and their families while they wait for the result. Pretty sure that will deter people from actually getting tested when they have mild symptoms, as everyone in the house will have to take time off just to confirm that their running nose is just a cold.