I like bourbon and maybe 3 people shirt, long sleeve, hoodie

I like bourbon and maybe 3 people T-shirt

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Your comments and messages have meant the world to me. I have been crying so many happy tears from feeling unbelievably supported and not alone. This journey has been one of the hardest of my life but getting to where I’m going will be worth it. I truly trust that. Every time I pray or question this path God says “I brought you here for a reason, Do you trust me?” and EVERY time I just scream OF COURSE I DO! ughhhh THIS MEANS SO MUCH TO ME! I needed this more than you know. Welcome and bless you for having an open mind and doing your own research! Smart girl that you came to the conclusion that you were being duped! I have a similar story. What is important is that eventually we researched and woke up. You are beautiful and smart and obviously care enough to look into things instead of being told what to think. Amazing story! Good for you for doing your own research. Please understand you’re not alone. You will be supported fully in your decision. Im glad you’re here and awake! Stand strong, it gets tough because media and lying politicians. Just keep educating others and remember to vote red in November!

Just glad you woke up.And life really was a lie.They go through extremes to retain power.Loseing alot of it at least shows who they really are.This Country is worth preserving,but thats certainly not their intention.Welcome. What a great testimonial. And what a great feeling it must be to discover the Truth ! There’s no going back to ignorance, virtue signaling and parroting the BS anymore! I’ve been a CCC (Christian, Conservative, Constitutionalist) for over 30 years and have been praying for a movement away from Leftism like this for a long time. And we are so glad to have you with us, Sister Patriot! Welcome to the hopeful side of life, where fear mongering is not the continual staple! I wish my children had your perspective. I will continue to pray for their eyes/hearts to be open to the truth! God bless America and President Trump!