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Well, it sounded like State was doing things differently. Maybe not so much. At best, I think my kids will be there another month before they have to come home. But that’s probably a stretch… all the same protocols. UNC did everything they could but the main difference in the end is the town of Chapel Hill they didn’t want the students back and still don’t even want them in the town. sounds just like UNC, slightly shorter move in period but same protocol. Also lots of kids in single rooms because so many stayed home. Elizabeth Kauff my son is out at WCU and I applaud all the steps they have taken! We also had signups for move in. All of the dining is take out only. Common area in dorms are closed. They can only control the on campus facilities and I’m grateful my son is in a single dorm. I don’t anticipate all of those living off campus will fare as well – purely speculation based on what I saw at the apartment pools the weekend we moved him in.  they make it to November. FYI- this number is misleading. If you click on the link you will see they performed a total of 554 tests last week. Only 59 were for students in student health. The rest were through the surveillance program where they are trying to find asymptotic cases on campus. That’s incorrect. I have spoken to several moms whose children are home with covid. Also, they left school and came home to get tested so not even counted in those numbers unless reporting agency does due diligence. One friend had 16 on his hall before he headed home Friday.