Just a girl who loves books face mask

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I can’t stop watching this video. I love how much his family loves him, and how much he adores his Dads. He is such a loving, affectionate boy. He’s a very special dog. Those eyes melt my heart

  •  Is this from the Trump camp that up until very recently had nothing but good things to say about China; where Trump has all of his junk for sale made. Not to worry, Trump may say something today but will say something quite different tomorrow. If you want to hear it, Trump will say it eventually!
  • “Sleepy Joe Biden loves China!” That’s something an 8th grader bully says to taunt other kids, not a president of a country to a political opponent. He’s leading from his Foxhole, good ole Bunker Biden, our man on the front lines in his basement. And others in this country are thinking about giving him the keys to our nuclear arsenal?
  • It would be more accurate to say that the left hates Trump “as much as they hate our country”. There has been no love for this country from the democrats for many years. It’s like they all have somewhere else to go and are determined to leave the United States a smoking ruin before they leave.

Joe is dreaming about China 24/7 in his basement that they will make him win the presidency! Don’t wake up please. Enjoy dreaming while our beloved President keeps fighting China with everything he got allowed by our constitution.

biden has been in government office for 48 years-he would be 78 at election time, has had heart problems and is in declining mental health. He accomplished nothing in those 48 years, for the good of the citizens, so why would anyone think he can make a difference now.

And has for a long time, China is paying his son and who knows how many of his family is benefiting from them? It’s all about the money, not the American people.

Just a girl who loves books face mask