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Yet Weidman refused to take the bait. He jabbed and moved to devastating effect, and then knocked the Brazilian out cold with a crushing blow within the 2nd round. It remains probably the most iconic moments in MMA historical past.

Griffin Forces Rua to tap

UFC bosses had been eager to ease the long-lasting Mauricio “Shogun” Rua into court cases after he agreed to be part of the promoting in 2007. The Brazilian was the superstar of the exhibit on the pride scene, having just crushed Alistair Overeem and Ricardo Arona, and his signature was a real coup for UFC.

They tossed a a bit washed up Forrest Griffin into the ring for Rua’s first fight and waited for Shogun to put his lights out. Things initially went to plan, as Rua hooked up the former winner of The optimal Fighter and opened him up with a ferocious elbow.

Blood streamed down his face, but Griffin refused to admit defeat. He clawed his manner returned into the fight, and went at Rua with relentless decision. Through the second circular, Rua’s arms had been beginning to drop, and he become struggling to take care of his opponents power. With simply 15 seconds ultimate within the third round, Griffin received the battle with a pitch superb rear naked choke.

Dillashaw becomes Bantamweight Champion

Renan Barao become widely considered to be the premiere pound for pound fighter in the world when he stepped into the Octagon with T.J. Dillashaw at UFC 173. The bantamweight champion become on a 31-combat winning streak, and he had secured relaxed victories in all seven of his prior UFC bouts.

He changed into clean from beating Urijah Faber in an eagerly predicted rematch, and UFC bosses had been eager for him to lock horns with Raphael Assuncao. Youngsters, Assuncao had not healed from a rib harm sustained in his remaining fight, so Dillashaw stepped in to take him on.

Dillashaw had misplaced to Assuncao the previous yr, and he become the clear underdog, but he made a mockery of these odds by dominating the combat and stopping his vaunted opponent with a barrage of punches within the fifth circular. Just to prove it wasn’t a fluke, he won a rematch the following yr, and went on to beat Assuncao in one other rematch.

The customary lucky Stars trilogy, directed by and starring Hong Kong legend Sammo Hung, centres round 5 bungling ex-cons who locate themselves helping police to carry down numerous crime syndicates.  regardless of Hung’s two Peking Opera faculty “brothers” Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao regularly that includes prominently on paintings for this comedy sequence, they play handiest aiding roles as a pair of cops contrary a huge ensemble of other recognisable faces from HK cinema. The emphasis is awfully a good deal on goofy humour, with the regular jaw-dropping martial arts all of sudden taking 2nd place.

Or buy here : Easily Distracted By Karate And Cats Poster

Easily Distracted By Karate And Cats Poster





Easily Distracted By Karate And Cats Poster

Easily Distracted By Karate And Cats Poster

Winners and Sinners (1983) receives off to a bright birth, showing how the petty criminals managed to get themselves caught within the first area. A collection of vignettes introduce us to Teapot (Hung), Vaseline (Charlie Chin), Exhaust Pipe (Richard Ng), wild-haired activist Curly (John Shum) and Rookie (Stanley Fung). The most comical of their exploits finds hapless cat burglar Teapot making an attempt to make a swift escape through a zip wire, most effective to clumsily drift straight into the back of a police van.





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