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Greatness never came from quitting greatness comes from enduring and not giving up on something you’ve worked toward and dreamed of doing never quit believe in yourself like Michael did and accomplished and it will happen for you

  • I’m very frustrated with your online purchasing of sneakers, as an fan of the brand I normally wait in line for your releases since it is utterly impossible to purchase at least one sneaker for yourself on release dates. what are you all planning to do about the Jordan 11s release that occurred today 06/27 ? I was online waiting for 10am and still was unable to purchase sneakers for my FAMILY. Frustrating as ish… Makes me not want to buy nothing from you guys online.
  • I am so disappointed! I really wanted the box that men sizes get. Why is it that little feet get discriminated? Like it’s not my fault I wear a 4.5gs. But I love my sneakers just as much as a size 10 in men’s does. So why can’t we get the same boxes? Instead we get the generic black boxes. Its 2020, little feet matter! I know this has been already discussed many times in the past. But im mad. All sizes should come with same box. Makes us little feet feel cheated and not part of the exclusiveness.

Thank you for sharing your personal gift and passion for life through basketball. Indeed you were a pleasure to watch elevate the game however being a MAN of substance under tremendous amounts of pressure, admiration and criticism are admirable.

Jordan, you are the best sportman in the world , never had ! You have a great life with good and bad moments but you have never gave up. No ever in the sneaker history can break the record for the most loved sneaker design. Jordan is not gonna go out of fashion for next 1000 years.

You know I don’t like triangle as much
As they go inside. The high post. It would change ball. Destroy 3 point game. You line up say 1 2 3 like foot ball you go in to offense. Set it up which ever and past and do a move. To get the guy close rim and post. And the scoring guard runs in to it every guy dies diffrent thing mix it up. Figure easy equals good. Then set up base line.

Leslie Jordan Well Shit poster