LGBT Black Women Kick Trump cloth face mask

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I haven’t a great gift to reward you for your birthday’ rather than the big 2 word of truth ( thank you ) time was never easy on all of us’ but your peaceful activities for justic around the world it will make the peace transform in his Real shape’ this peace is ment to be from who send you to be President of must powerful Nation ever seen. Happy Birthday and God defending his people through your leadership

  • Maybe if he had ushered a single word to the family and nation yesterday, as Mr. Floyd was being laid to rest, but no.. now we celebrate his upcoming birthday?
  • Remember the alternative to Trump is let me sniff your hair and I don’t know what state I am in Joe Biden, but Biden is just a figurehead. They have plans to tell him what to do every day as President and lead us into a socialistic government.
  • This isn’t the time to be celebrating yourself… I will only use my voice, but a visit from the Secret Service would be fun. I think they already know me by now. They flew by my farm a few years back. True story.
  • Hope you have a great birthday, President Trump! My dad’s birthday was the same as yours, Flag Day. He passed in 2008 and was the best father, husband, grandfather, and citizen, like yourself. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to keep this country great! God Bless You and Protect you always!

We know you will have an extra special Happy Birthday on 6-14th President Trump! Our granddaughter’s birthday is the same day! She got her masters degree from Yale about two yrs ago and works on the hill in D. C. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we are so proud of you and all you have done for America !!

Now the American people are fully aware that Trump is a failed and foolish man who is destroying America’s economy. I always said that Trump is a failure and everyone was laughing and now the American people are paying for the foolishness of Trump’s decisions

Happy birthday President Trump I know it’s a blessed day because my daughter was born on that day and it is also flag day so you are a special president to the United States for America United States American people of all races will stand with you

LGBT Black Women Kick Trump cloth face mask