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Terry Walker What? Do you think they could be sued for not covering trump rallies because the owners don’t approve of trump’s rhetoric? Don’t think so! They can be sued for libel or slander, but only if what they broadcast about someone isn’t based on facts! I don’t like CNN because they are like the left version of fox “news”, except for the FACT that, despite the slant and bias, they CHECK FACTS! Think of it like this. You can go into a public space and sprout all the crap you want, and your freedom of speech is protected. But if you come into my house sprouting it, and I don’t like what you’re saying, then I reserve the right to throw your ass out. That’s how this works. Michael Blood A person with no logical argument, verified facts, figures or data on a specific subject, will: deflect away from the original subject, deny the claim with no basis, lie outright, and/or insult the other person. This gives them absolutely no strength or validity to their argumentation or any position on any given subject. Terry Chandler Why did fox “news” give a known Nazi a job? Why did we have a known Nazi supporter working in the White House? He even failed the process of obtaining a security clearance while working at the White House! Sebastian Gorka Made Nazi-Linked Vitezi Rend ‘Proud’ by Wearing Its Medal.
“BUDAPEST, Hungary — A group with alleged historical links to Nazi Germany has told NBC News it was “proud” when President Donald Trump’s deputy assistant wore its medal. Controversy has swirled around Sebastian Gorka, one of Trump’s top counterterrorism advisers, ever since he attended the president’s Jan. 20 Inaugural Ball wearing the honorary medal of Hungarian nationalist organization Vitezi Rend.” See full article – NBC – Apr 8 2017. Timothy Kershner and obama was a swirling turd that offered Iran our enemy over a hundred and fifty billion dollars for nuclear weapons..was also deceptive about the man he married that you can YouTube Joan rivers comments..the only people that put this president down has serious problems.