Mouse Ears and Starbucks Kind of girl shirt, hoodie, tank top

Mouse Ears and Starbucks Kind of girl hoodie

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My deepest condolences…Prayers for you his wife/kids and your extended family..may God give you comfort and strength thru this tragedy…what happened to him was a down right murder (in my eyes)… keep pushing for justice…God Bless you and yours. I’m sorry for what happened to your brother.He service his country he didn’t deserve to die like that.He need it help What is wrong with our country everyone is going crazy.
No wonder God send this virus. Send Letters to Governor Chief of police Enternal affairs. Signatures .is been in the News. They will be sending new train Officers with Cases like this.good Luck. the government doesn’t care it’s just like with Vietnam most of those young guys came back drug addicts and what did they do to them a lot of them ended up in prison for using drugs they didn’t mind them using them for the war in Vietnam but once they got back home instead of helping them they send them to prison and gave them dishonorable discharge. the government made them drug addicts! Gave them speed so they would stay awake for days on end then opium so they could sleep for a couple of days. Then when they came home, they were treated like shit, spit on, cursed. No thanks to Hanoi Jane. All the lies and propaganda she spread.