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I’m eating Moravian Sugar Cake that I had to have once you mentioned it. My sweet sister got it in Winston on the way home from a Panthers game – left early – and transferred it to my other sister who drove from 930am to 5pm to get it to Savannah yesterday. That’s dedication. I’m starting to feel a little bad that there won’t be much – who am I kidding – any when they wake up! Hope your vacation is fabulous! I traveled with my three today via a layover in Charlotte and could not help but think of you as my four year old rolled around on the floor at the gate amidst Burger King fries and chicken nuggets he refused to eat. I was originally worried about what others would think, but then thought, “what would Adrian do?” and knew I should just go with it.

I’m so glad! Adrian did Facebook and counted time until she could smoke. I wish I’d read this before our last flight with the kids. Son #1 got airsick right before landing and was sitting next to dad who was ZERO help! I was sitting in front of said son and could tell it was coming, quickly found the little bag behind the seat, and passed it back without a second to spare! Unfortunately, there was some spillage on his clothes. Thank god for the baby wipes the lady in front of me had. I’ll be carrying those from now on too. With boys ages 8 & 11 I naively thought I was done with those. I was wrong. My mom used to ply us 3 kids with Benadryl for road trips—in the days of no AC in the car. She called it “trip medicine” and it tasted terrible. Never knew for years what it really was…. Have a marvelous vacation on the warm beach! the seat belt sign gets turned on for a reason. I used to work for an airline and, once, when an airplane hit clear air turbulence, I had to visit passengers in the hospital who didn’t have their seatbelts on mid flight. They had spinal injuries, etc… it’s no joke.