Never underestimate an old lady who used to be a flight attendant poster

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I think, and I have thought for a very long time, Michael Moore is full of rage, hate and anger. I have never been fooled by his divisive tactics. Like him or not, and I’m not saying that I agree with him, but I think Michael Moore is fairly accurate when opining on the psych of the American voter.

  • Many wolves in sheep’s clothing. You must win the elections to save humanity from lies. In your hands is the future of the world, not just the United States. This is the war of truth. The truth will set you free, as Christ said. This phrase was for this moment. I think.
  • How about PEOPLE in general are tired of all this craziness? I would imagine ALL races and creeds have had just about enough! And.,the media…well they get a lot of the blame too.  Trump supporters are quiet and reasonable. They don’t make noise. They are civilized and knows what is good for America.
  • You’re wrong again tubby. See we’ve kept our emotions and “rage” in check because we use what’s called COMMON SENSE. We don’t act strictly on emotions that lead to rage like you and the left do. We don’t get offended by everything. We use common sense to think about the consequences beforehand. Try it sometime.
  • I think he’s forgetting what a disgrace Biden is, what a disgrace Pelosi is, what a disgrace my Governor Wolf is – he’s killing PA. Please look at PA!!!! maybe just maybe it’s not about race but about what people – just people – need for their families

My brother and sister are big time democrats and we’ve had many fights over their hatred for Trump, but the democrats have finally changed them and now, they will not be voting Democrat any longer!!!

The difference is that Trump supporters show their rage at the polls… we don’t destroy property, beat up people for wearing Biden/Obama/Clinton merchandise, vandalize, or loot. These people are so self-unaware… they genuinely believe the projection they put on us.

He is correct when he implies Trump may win the electoral college again. But Biden will not get 5-7 million more popular votes than him. Trump will win a lot harder this time than he did against Hillary. People just don’t like Biden – even many democrats.

I guess I can agree with him…I do have a bit of controlled rage and deep emotion when people are not respecting the flag, the country, the police, rule of law, obeying lawful commands from law enforcement officers, etc…

Never underestimate an old lady who used to be a flight attendant poster