Once upon a time there was a girl who really loved her Chicago Cubs poster

Once upon a time there was a girl who really loved her Chicago Cubs poster

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At face value “the stats” are focused on Police actions. Māori are six times more likely to be handcuffed, but where’s the context? What were they doing prior to being arrested to justify handcuffs? like where is the context when dealing with racial tention???? like racial profiling racial bullying racial stereo typical ideas towards Maori etc etch what about that? yet if anyone dares to challenge your point of view we would be labeled racist… Generalisations……..how much more crime is committed……I guess the answer is in the prison stats. Minding your own business doesn’t justify using handcuffs, hard to believe an under staffed NZ Police responding to people “minding their own business”. Don’t forget NZ Police are multi cultural. finding it hard to believe because it’s not your experience- that’s your privilege. Just because you don’t experience it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. so all the white ppl that rape kids and kill ppl in car accidents get brushed under the carpet due to these so called stats that use go off at the end of the day who is a government thats run through other countries by laws really no the maori ppl when from day one that country that new zesland run under came here and raped pillaged and killed the maori ppl to get this place we call Aotearoa the maori ppl had no say and no chance from the start and today i see its still the same history repeated cycle history.

Bro, rape and murder is illegal no matter the colour of your skin and under today’s law you have the right to a trial for that crime. Name one specific murder or rape that’s been “swept under the carpet” because a white man did it. Nigel Anderson so are you saying that we shouldnt challenge racism … hmmm like we should challenge what happened to George Floyd… read this thread there’s a lot of unconscious biased comments… Hold up sorry they’re just stupid comments like yours.

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